11 Million Metric Tons of Plastic Enter the Ocean Each Year

Natural resources are being depleted while creating continents of waste. Future generations are being cast off in exchange for immediate profit. We believe there’s a solution. One that offers profit and preservation. Where global leaders come together to define a more responsible set of standards. Standards that can be practiced at speed and scale right now, in every organization.

We created the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network to actively guide the change. 

Our Team

Dave Ford

Dave Ford

Dave Ford is a founder and partner of Ocean Plastics Leadership Network.
He is a meta-connector specializing in bringing together activist and industry leaders around environmental issues. He spearheaded the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit in May of 2019, which took 165 corporate and NGO leaders into the heart of the Atlantic Garbage Patch, leading to the creation of the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network (OPLN).

During a transformative two years traveling the world, Dave spent ten nights in a hut in the Amazon with no electricity or running water, which deepened his connection to the natural world. He then toured mountains of waste in India and confronted both the world’s (and his own) consumption habits head-on. After watching glaciers collapse into the sea, Dave had found his calling and began his work leading sustainability efforts.<pP

Dave lives with his wife and four-year-old daughter in the Hudson Valley, New York
Jason Throckmorton

Jason Throckmorton

Jason Throckmorton is a founder and partner at Ocean Plastics Leadership Network.

He works to galvanize the world’s leading organizations into taking immediate action on the planet’s most significant environmental crises.

Jason is an entrepreneurial marketer and operator with deep experience in public relations, product/service development, social media and content marketing. He believes in deep learning and is passionate about addressing environmental challenges through industry collaboration, education and accelerating action towards scalable solutions.

Jason is based in Marin County, California and spends as much of his time with his wife and three kids exploring the outdoors.
Rick Fiscina

Rick Fiscina

Rick Fisicna is a founder and partner Ocean Plastics Leadership Network.
His first non-suburban confrontation with nature led him to become a rafting guide in Glacier, Montana, driving his deep love of the natural world and a passion to preserve it.

A seasoned entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of expertise in operational strategy, sales, and finance, Rick was the founder and CEO of ELM Exchange, a multi-disciplinary educational platform operating in the healthcare sector. In 2016, Rick began the OPLN journey.

Rick believes that fortitude of heart and mind are the center of project success. He is the reality whisperer that is unwilling to work on something that doesn’t help to solve a problem.
Jeanette Nicholson

Jeanette Nicholson

Jeanette Nicholson is a partner at Ocean Plastics Leadership Network.
As an ardent environmentalist, Jeanette applies her strength of logical, methodical problem-solving techniques to the biggest challenges of our time. “I want my grandchildren to enjoy all of the wonders of our planet and not just read about how nice it was once.”

Jeanette is a performance-driven senior executive with over 35 years of experience operating small and medium businesses in multiple verticals including healthcare, insurance, salon/spa, building and financial industries. Her pivotal role directing the overall operations and management of finance, HR, client services, education and technology teams led to the successful acquisition of a major healthcare platform in 2015.

Jeanette lives with her family in outside Washington, D.C. and spends her free time touring the National Parks of the United States.