Born on the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit- in the Atlantic Gyre in May of 2019,  the Zero Plastic Waste Community Initiative is a multi-stakeholder platform administrated by Pyxera Global. The mission is to infuse best practices to achieve zero plastic waste in rural landlocked, coastal, and island communities in the developing world. Takoradi, Ghana is the first village earmarked for the initiative. 


Diverse Geography
Build zero plastic waste success blueprints aligned with specific types of village geography (coastal, landlocked, and island communities)  to scale learnings globally.

Consumer Behavior
Research lab to study behavioral trends in different communities, with different problems.

Innovation Lab
Designing up-cycled innovations as well as test new technologies across the solution spectrum.

Key Contributors


Takoradi, Ghana has been selected as the pilot coastal community for the Zero Waste initiative. A plastic waste analysis will begin in 2020 with action recommendations scheduled for mid-2021.