COVID-19 Has Worsened the Ocean Plastic Pollution Problem

COVID-19 triggered an estimated global use of 129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves every month. If we stitched together all of the masks manufactured already, and projected to be produced, we’d be able to cover the entire landmass of Switzerland.

An Ocean Plastics Field Trip for Corporate Executives

Recycling is broken. The oceans are trashed. As the plastics crisis spirals out of control, an unlikely collection of executives and environmentalists set sail for the North Atlantic Gyre in a desperate attempt to find common ground.

The Power Of Purpose: SoulBuffalo Announces The Ocean Plastic Leadership Network To Drive Innovation And Solutions To Global Crisis

SoulBuffalo announced the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network, a community to advance scientific breakthroughs, product and process innovation, and new business models to the ocean plastics crisis.


Mobilizing Viable Supply Chains in the Global South

SoulBuffalo founder Dave Ford recently moderated a deep discussion on strategies to build equitable ocean-bound plastic supply chains. This comprehensive conversation spanned from Seattle to Nairobi, featuring OPLN members Dune Ives from Lonely Whale/Next Wave Plastics, Ellen Jackowski from HP, Kieran Smith from Mr. Green Africa, Susan Ruffo from Circulate initiative, and Ian Rosenberger from Thread First […]

Overcoming the Plastics Crisis Takes Bold Action

In this week’s NothingWasted! Podcast, we chat with Dave Ford, founder of SoulBuffalo’s Ocean Plastics Leadership Network.

SoulBuffalo curates and produces summits and expeditions that unite action-oriented business leaders, thinkers, NGOs and innovators to solve environmental challenges. The Ocean Plastics Leadership Network is a membership community that runs experiential summits in ocean plastic hotspots around the globe that drive to accelerated, collaborative action.

New Experiences Needed As Coronavirus Eclipses Other Global Challenges

Relationships forged while standing ankle-deep on plastic-polluted beaches evolve into determination to take immediate action and permanent bonds that normally would take years to establish.

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