11 million metric tons of plastics enters 
the ocean every year

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Born in the Ocean

The OPLN was born from bringing industry and activists together at the North Atlantic Ocean gyre - a region of the Atlantic Ocean where plastic waste congregates - in 2019. This Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit aimed to mobilize all organizations in the plastic value chain. Much more than an industry conference, the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit was the first event to bring together leading organizations from the plastics supply chain, on a boat, in the North Atlantic Ocean gyre. The experience inspired partnerships, programs, and the action necessary to shift our current global course. Read a profile of the experience from outsideonline.com’s Rowan Jacobsen.


Activist-to-Industry Network Development

Together with Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund, the OPLN launched the Global Plastics Treaty Dialogues which brought together leaders from all over the world to discuss the opportunities of a global plastics treaty ahead of the UNEA 5.2 decision to start negotiations in March 2022 totaling 9 global sessions with more than 1000 participants


Scaling Globally

Identifying the need to start discussions at a country level the OPLN launched The Country Dialogues in 6 countries: The United States, Chile, Pakistan, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia, and in July 2022, the United Kingdom totaling 15 dialogue sessions and 1200 participants. The OPLN continues to grow its impact network and expand the reach of its capacity building programs covering global, national and local solutions paths to ending the plastics crisis.

Stakeholders across activism, industry, policy, finance and re-search lack crisis fluency and a platform

What is Environmental Intelligence?

We bring environmental intelligence within reach of the crises stakeholders to build capacity for collaborative fluency and accelerate adoption of treaties and solutions.

  • Experiential Intelligence

    Experience the crisis with multi-faceted Expeditions

  • Positional Intelligence

    Inform implementation with Treaty Dialogues

  • Factual Intelligence

    Build capacity through stakeholder education

Experiential Intelligence
Factual Intelligence
Positional Intelligence

Word from the Founder

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