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Bringing all sides of the ocean crisis to the table.

The Ocean Plastics Leadership Network (OPLN) is a diverse group of leaders, organizations and interests, all coming together with one common goal – end the flow of plastics into our oceans.

Through healthy debate and a shared vision, OPLN develops the programs and experiences that build relationships, deepen understanding and drive action.

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Programs & Partnerships

OPLN provides various entry points to our high-value eco-system.

Global Treaty

Together with Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund, OPLN will host a series of discussions leading up to the UN decision on enacting a urgently needed Global Plastics Agreement.

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Ocean Plastics

What happens when you take 165 industry leaders to middle of the Atlantic Ocean gyre on a boat and force opposing interests to create action plans? Four corporate-funded initiatives, deployed at global scale.

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Action Accelerators

Our curated convenings are designed to consistently produce real-world results.

PRW — Plastics Reclaimers Working Group

Waste picker organizations assembled at the Ocean Plastics Leadership 
Summit have continued discussions with assistance from the Meridian 
Institute to prioritize the use of $21,000 raised at auction.
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OPLN-John Warner Green Chemistry Alliance

Our first expert, John Warner leads this series with his discussion on Technology Greenhouse: Enhancing Commercial Success through Green Chemistry.
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Circular Economy - Zero Plastic Waste Communities

A systems model that is based on local realities but adaptable and 
replicable to diverse environments around the globe.
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