Reuse & Refill Playbook for Retailers

We are delighted to announce the release of the Reuse & Refill Playbook for Retailers, a groundbreaking initiative developed through collaborative efforts within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Working Group of the Reuse and Refill Action Forum, facilitated by OPLN in partnership with Upstream and the Meridian Institute. This playbook marks a significant stride towards advancing sustainable practices within the retail industry by offering comprehensive guidance on priority product categories, including snacks, beverages, pet food, personal care, and household cleaners, that are well positioned to lead the transition towards reuse and refill solutions in major retailers. It addresses key thematic areas such as packaging, logistics, consumer participation, and cross-value chain collaboration modalities. With the participation of over 60 organizations, encompassing top CPG brands, major retailers, packaging producers, government representatives, and more, our collective aim was clear: to pave the way for a future where reuse and refill systems become the norm across all product categories.